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FIRST 2nd subproject seminar

Time: 28th March 2014.  8:00 am
Location: Faculty of Informatics Room: I130
Lecturer: Imre Varga
Title of the lecture: A novel model of social networks with tunable clustering coefficient        
We propose a novel method to generate scale-free networks with 
tunable clustering coecient in order to model real social networks. Recently
several methods were introduced to generate networks with power law degree
distribution, which are very frequent in nature. Most of them are based on
preferential attachment, but in these networks the average clustering
coecient is low opposite to the real social networks. Beside the attractive
popularity our model is based on the fact that if a person knows somebody,
probably knows several people from his/her acquaintanceship as well. The
topological properties of these networks were studied and it was found that in
these networks the cliques are more relevant independently from the system
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