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IoT subproject seminar

Title of the Lecture: Inter-device communications in a NFC based context-dependent sensor network
Lecturer: Dr. Simon Csaba (ETIK)
Time: 2014.03.28. (péntek) 10:45
We present a distributed prototype testbed, where NFC based inter device communication is used to assure context based behavior. We differentiate among devices arriving to same location within shorter intervals, thus changing the context of the location for transient periods. In our presentation we focus on the communication needs of the devices in the following setups: the sensor-to-device, device-to-device and device-to-management center. We also discuss the practical issues experienced during the implementation of our Android based prototype testbed.
1.) Meeting room of DE HPC 
4026 Debrecen, Kassai str26., TEOK building Room: 0-117
2.) Videoconference (H.323): 003655113151 (GDS)
3.) Web:
Form of the lecture: slides in English, lecture in Hungarian

2014-04-03 22:41:24