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FIRST 1st subproject seminar

Time:2 April 2014 14.00
Room: Facuty of Informatics Room: I130 
Lecturer: Davide Ciucci (University of Milano-Bicocca)
Title of the lecture:Three-valued logics, modal logics and rough sets
Language of the lecture: English
A survey of three-valued logics will be given, showing that they are all a fragment of just one logic.
Then, taking into account the cases when the third truth-value has an epistemic flavor, such as unknown or contradictory,
a translation of three-valued logics in a proper epistemic logic will be put forward.
We will show how to translate three-valued conjunctions and implications into operations on rough sets.
Though mathematically appealing, this approach has a very limited interpretability from a practical standpoint.
Further, links with different knowledge representation tools such as orthopairs, shadowed sets and possibility theory will be put forward.
Finally, we review some modal approaches to rough sets and compare them with the modal translation of three-valued logic.
2014-04-03 21:50:25