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FIRST 6th subproject seminar

Time: 01. 04. 2014. 10.00
Location: Faculty of Informatics Building I130
Lecturer: Anikó Vágner
Title of the Lecture: Visualization and Off-Line Processing of Blood Pressure Signals

In the public health care it is very common that microcontroller calculates the result of oscillometric blood pressure measurements. In this case the result can be imprecise; it does not inform the patient and the doctor accordingly. The recordings collected by the microcontroller can be sent to an application which runs on a PC. The recording can contain only one measurement or sequence of measurements created during 24 hours. The advantage of the PC side application is that it can use more memory and processor capacity, so it is faster and more precise. The task of the application is to calculate and visualize the values of blood pressure. 
The application determines the values of the blood pressure based on an oscillometric blood pressure algorithm. The application visualizes the result of each step of the algorithm. The algorithm decides whether the result is acceptable and authentic based on the characteristic of the recording. 
The other part of the application helps in the validation. It executes the algorithm on mass of the recordings which have result of reference measurement. The application shows the differences between the results of the algorithm and the values of reference. The application helps to qualify the algorithm according to the international standards. 
The application works well under laboratory circumstances. But application needs further validation so that it can be put to the market.

This lecture is a presenatation of the publication "Anikó Vágner, Béla Vámosi and István Juhász: Visualization and Off-line Processing of Blood Pressure Signals; Proceedings of the International Conference on Health Informatics (7th International Conference on Health Informatics) (HEALTHINF 2014), ESEO, ANGERS, LOIRE VALLEY, FRANCE, 3 - 6 MARCH, 2014, SCITEPRESS, ISBN: 978-989-758-010-9, pp. 393-398" on seminar of Department of Information Technology, University of Debrecen. 
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