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IoT subproject seminar

Time: 17/07/2014 10.00-11.00 am

1.) Meeting room of DE HPC 
     4026 Debrecen, Kassai street 26., TEOK Building, Room: 0-117
2.) Videoconference (H.323): 003655117784 (GDS)
3.) Web:

Lecturer: Marian Salavat (Temesvár)
Title of the lecture: A new approach implementation for Wireless Sensor Networks security based on RSSI scheme
Abstract: This presentation's aim is to present the work made so far for developing an innovative security scheme based on RSSI detection for fixed Wireless Sensor Networks. We will discuss about types of attacks, actual security schemes, potential of RSSI-based detection and proposed solutions for improvement.

 Dr. Simon János (Szabadka)
Title of the lecture: 
Multicriteria Fuzzy Control System for Microclimatic Environment Based on Autonomous Mobile Measuring Station
The area of research within the greenhouse environment is an autonomous mobile measuring station that collects climate data within the environment using WSN. The combination of localization using signal strength of WSN nodes (RSSI) and methods of potential fields leads to the possibility of application of this method in an unknown dynamic environment.
2014-07-14 12:43:07